Payday Loan thru internet – how fast it can be?

The loan offers for a payday loan from the house bank are frustrating from time to time. Interest rates are much higher than one had hoped for, or the bank refuses to grant the loan amount on the grounds that the Credit Bureau entry is too weak. You look for alternatives at other German banks, but you get the same devastating results. Help comes from an unexpected side: The payday loan from the Internet promises exactly the interest and the loan amount that you imagined. But why does that work?

The payday loan from the Internet: simplicity is key

The personal loan from the Internet: simplicity is key

The loans that can be obtained from internet banks have not had a good reputation. There are dubious offers, it is said repeatedly in various reviews. Of course, this does not apply to all loan offers on the Internet. There are rock-solid Internet banks that use the advantages of the location on the Internet for particularly good conditions for a payday loan from the Internet.

They do without a branch business, which saves them a lot of money that other financial institutions have to use. You can only get in touch with them online. The money saved in this way flows directly into particularly attractive offers that go beyond offers for a payday loan from the Internet. Account management fees and the like are usually also cheaper than traditional banks.

The payday loan from the Internet: How can you separate serious and untrustworthy?

The personal loan from the Internet: How can you separate serious and untrustworthy?

Reputable banks that operate on the Internet can be found quite easily through targeted research. On the one hand, it is a good sign that the financial institution does not only limit its services to lending, but also offers other services, such as the normal checking account. These financial institutions often work with other well-known banks, for example to be able to use their ATMs.

Such partnerships are also a sign of seriousness, in which case the other bank also stands for the seriousness of the internet bank with its name and its good reputation. Good advice is given by experience reports, which should not be too one-sided if possible, but should, for understandable reasons, praise or criticize. These reports from previous customers can be found in numerous online financial forums.

What is a personal loan simulator?

A personal loan simulator can be a great ally when evaluating this financial operation. Initially, you will have to choose the bank or financial entity you want to go to take out the loan. In this situation you will have to evaluate all aspects.

In general, we can list the most important aspects to consider: what are the conditions of the loan, how much money can they give you, what requirements do you need to request a loan, what will be the interest they will apply, and what will be the term in which You have to return the money.

Once you have knowledge of all these points, you have to understand how much the final fee will be that you will have to pay per month to return the requested loan. For this moment, a personal loan simulator is what you will have to use. The best advantages that you can find from its use are those that we comment below:


It allows you to organize

personal loan

To take out a loan of money you have to be an organized person, or at least try. The personal loan simulator will give you all the information you need to help you with this goal. So you will know what are the deadlines you have to return the money, the expiration date to make the repayment, and the monthly amount that you will have to pay to the lender. All this information can be scheduled in your usual calendar, so you do not miss any expiration and thus be able to organize your personal finances.


You will be able to know different types of loans

money loan

It is important that you know that there are different types of loans in the lending market, which fit the needs and preferences of your consumers. You may wonder what does the type of loan have to do with the loan simulator? The answer is easy: the interest rate. Each loan has an interest rate with a different percentage, considering certain criteria to calculate the final amount of the installment. Be sure to take out the best loan that fits your pocket.


You can compare different options

You can compare different options

With a personal loan simulator, you will have the opportunity to know which bank or financial entity suits you best to access the loan you are looking for. Knowing the monthly fee you have to pay and for how long you will have to pay will be key to keeping your personal finances organized. It is ideal for people who have trouble keeping accounts up to date. For this reason, its use is almost indispensable to then write down the amounts to be returned in the personal calendar and avoid penalties for unpaid fees.


You can know in advance your level of indebtedness

debt problem

Of course, taking out a loan gives you the money you need to pay an exceptional expense. However, in exchange for this loan you are committing to repay the borrowed money over time. For this reason, we mention the level of indebtedness. For the loan granted each bank or financial entity will have an interest rate that will affect the monthly fee of money to be returned. Thanks to the loan simulator you will be able to know the monthly fee that you have to pay back until the total agreed amount is covered. In this way, you can organize the rest of your expenses so as not to stop paying the requested loan and reach the end of the month without debts.


You can avoid overpaying

avoid overpaying

In case you want to save some pesos, you can choose to pay in advance the missing fees or the total amount. In this way, you will avoid paying the interest that would have to be applied on those future installments, it is only important to remember that not all entities have this option. For this reason, if you already know in advance that in a couple of months you will be able to face future installments, you would have to look for a loan that does not charge you commission for making the early repayment.


Choose the correct term to return the loan

loan term

If you can know what your income is and will be during the time you have to return the loan, you can choose the correct term for it. In this way, you will save a significant amount of interest that you do not need to pay. It’s all about organization and forecasting. It is best that you choose the loan considering all its aspects in general and not by one in particular. Choose the best option for your pocket!


It is a comfortable and safe tool

Using a loan simulator can give you the security you need to get rid of all those insecurities you have when taking out a loan. By giving you all the detailed information of the loan costs, this tool will let you know from the money loan that you can access with your economic situation, up to how much you will have to pay monthly installment and for how long.


They are free and easy to use

credit loan

As it is a very useful tool to provide security to users, it is essential that its use be free. Above all, it is essential that it be easy to use, regardless of your knowledge of the subject and without being an expert in economics. You will see that it is a very friendly tool, which in a few seconds will calculate the loan you want by giving you all the information you need to access the money you are looking for. Try it at no cost!

Some lenders have their loan simulator. Some may be more complex than others. On our website, you will find our own personal loan simulator that is very simple and intuitive. Do not hesitate to find out how to get your personal loan and to use the tool that Amaryllis offers you to calculate the loan you want.

What is peer-to-peer loan

In April 2018, the Marias Bank regulated the operation of credit fintechs and introduced a new type of peer-to-peer or P2P lending in Brazil. In it is possible to take the money directly with another person, who is interested in earning interest on the loan. The condition is that there is a company registered as a SEP to broker the operation.

The sport emerged in England in 2005 and spread worldwide after the 2008 economic crisis. Today the United States is the largest P2P market in the world.


How Peer-to-Peer Loan Works

How Peer-to-Peer Loan Works

Each company adopts criteria for selecting who can borrow peer-to-peer, whether individual or corporate. In general, the better the lender’s rating, the lower the interest rate and investor return.

Therefore, for those who want to invest, the higher the profit, the greater the risk.

There are companies where the borrower himself sets the interest rate, knowing that he is more likely to receive the money if he agrees to pay more for the loan. In others, SEP sets the rate according to a credit analysis.

There is also the possibility of investing in a fund that will lend to one or more legal entities. In general, the risks of default are lower when lending to companies.

One tip is to diversify investments, because even if there is a default on one borrower, the profit from others covers the loss.

Therefore, borrower and investor should research SEP and carefully review the process to find one that they feel most comfortable with.


Other costs

In addition to the interest rate, which is the investor’s profit, the borrower must pay the commission charged by SEP and the Financial Transactions Tax (IOF). The sum of these factors results in the Total Effective Cost (CET) of the loan. But attention, it is forbidden to ask for advance to realize the credit, this is a crime. These values ​​must be diluted in the installments.


It’s not loan sharking

Other costs

Despite being a loan between people, the practice is quite different from loan sharking, which is illegal and dangerous. A financial institution continues to broker the business and the client is protected by all laws, and can report the institution to the Marias Bank or Procons if something happens.

Another difference is that the peer-to-peer loan interest rate is usually low, while loan sharks lend with extremely abusive interest.


Does Fundico Brasil make a peer-to-peer loan?

No, in Brazil Fundico only makes personal loans to individuals, but it is one of the main P2P platforms in Europe.

Fundico started in 2013 in Germany with the proposal to make peer-to-peer loan. Today it is also present in Austria and the Netherlands. In 2015 we arrived in Brazil.

Loan: I lost my job, how to pay?

So you took out a loan in order to reorganize your personal finances and lost your job. How to pay off this financial commitment now? The first reaction we may have is one of despair, however, looking at the scenario calmly, we can see that it is not quite so.

Borrowico has outlined some suggestions to help you pay off your loan if you have lost your job or your monthly income source:


Analyze Your Loan

Analyze Your Loan

The first initiative in losing your job, or your source of monthly income, is to analyze how your loan is doing. Were the parcels already in days or in arrears? How much time is left to pay? If you were to pay it 100% today, how much would you shell out? By looking at these key points, you can map out a more accurate payment strategy that speaks to your pocket.


Had a wallet signed? Use the termination to pay off the loan!

Had a wallet signed? Use the termination to pay off the loan!

In many cases, when a person has a signed job and is not fired for cause, he or she may use termination. The termination may be a way out to repay the financial commitment or to settle much of it, leaving only the final installments to be paid. In this way, opt for the next installments of the loan and at least three of them ahead. This can give you a break in the budget and more time to get the money you need to repay the loan.


Inform your creditors

credit loan

Don’t be shy about saying that you have lost your job or source of your monthly income to your creditors. With this, you can even bargain a renegotiation so that the financial commitment does not become a nightmare and that you can catch up on the missing installments. It is important to notify them of default as this is a way to arrive at the solution for the payment of future installments.


Be creative and start extra income

Be creative and start extra income

Had a wallet signed? So, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and have a plan for managing an extra income. Do you have cooking skills? What do you think about starting to work in confectionery and making homemade cakes for parties and get-togethers? It can be a creative outlet at this time. Already had an extra income that way? What prevented you from continuing with this activity? Analyze the points that didn’t work out and redo your business strategy so that it starts to give you a positive rather than a negative return.

Tips For Your Car Insurance

Motor insurance is one of the fixed expenses that most families have to face at least once a year, when such a charge is not split up over the year. Unfortunately not all families have the sensitivity to analyze the cost of auto insurance and research the market for better opportunities to save money on auto insurance.

It is not understandable how such a charge can be overlooked by most car insurance customers, completely forgetting the potential savings present in car insurance. Fortunately the internet nowadays allows a generalized access to insurance simulators, and most insurers have been simplifying their simulators to satisfy a wider range of potential clients.

Market research

Market research

There are no gains without work and if the internet facilitates part of the work, the field work continues to have good indicators of savings. Ask for several simulations for your car insurance does not cost you any money, other than the search. This simple market prospecting can represent a saving of a few euros. If you think about it, € 5 a month represents € 60 a year…

Negotiate your Insurance Portfolio

Negotiate your Insurance Portfolio

All insurers are in the market to maximize their profits and period. Auto insurance is still a relatively profitable product for insurers, however, the vast majority of other insurances are much more appealing because of reduced claims and consequent attractive profitability.

If you play by insurance, you must have more than one insurance policy, such as for example, home insurance, personal accident insurance, life insurance, among others. Trading changes tone whenever a customer presents himself with an insurance portfolio and wants the best price for the overall portfolio where auto insurance is included. So, negotiate insurance portfolios and look for the best premium for all insurance. Whoever offers the best prize, will have the all insurance.

Do not Exaggerate in Coverages

Do not Exaggerate in Coverages

There are essential toppings, but there are others that do not have great applicability. If, by chance, you do not want your own damage insurance, the well-known insurance against all risks, then, evaluate the coverage of your car insurance. As a general rule, liability cover, driver and occupants and, in some cases, glass breakage is sufficient. Analyze your coverages.

Search for Additional Advantages

Search for Additional Advantages

Insurers have been making car insurance more attractive to the market by adding other benefits and benefits to everyone who chooses to take insurance from them. This procedure is a reflection of the rigidity of prices, that is, the premiums in the various insurers are similar which is not attractive for the insurance client to switch insurer. Thus, they created benefits so that the benefit was the attraction and not the price of insurance.

The truth is that many of these benefits represent money that can be assimilated as savings in car insurance premium. As you can see, this insurance, although mandatory, is no longer as competitive as it was previously with insurers. However, it is always worth looking for better opportunities and saving money on this demand.

The important thing is not to forget that insurance is to evaluate, year after year, always looking for the best prices and not to be forgotten as it is very usual to happen. If you liked this article why not subscribe to our newsletter to be privy to our tricks and tips? Sign up for our free online personal finance course (left box) and start saving money!

Life Insurance Mortgage

Have you made a mortgage loan in the past and do you consider that you are paying too much for the life insurance associated with it? Would you like to save money on insurance and not know what to do? In this article we will talk to you about the housing credit life insurance and show that it is possible to save a lot of money here.


Do You Know How Much You Pay For Your Life Insurance?

Many people have hired their housing credit only keeping in mind the spread practiced by the bank. Maybe they traded to lower the spread. But they will most likely ignore the other costs that in the meantime would be “hidden”. Excessive commissions and insurance premiums. Fortunately, the state has forced banks to publish the rate that incorporates all these costs (APR), a rate that allows comparing different alternatives in their overall.

Taking only the housing credit spread into account, banks will very likely take advantage to charge excessive premiums for the life insurance premium. And keep in mind that this premium will increase over time as you grow older. We know too many people who pay more for life insurance than for the provision of credit. Makes sense?


Banks Can not Rise Their Spread

The fear of many households in changing contracted products to reduce the spread of housing credit is closely related to the possibility of increasing the spread associated with credit (which for old contracts is very close to zero).

Today it is possible to withdraw products from your contract without having a loss in the spread. Even with losses, the monthly savings would often offset the rise in the financial cost. It’s all a matter of accounts. Here’s how you can save money on the life insurance of your housing credit.


Saving Money When Changing Homeowner’s Life Insurance

We suggest our readers to make a brief simulation of the new housing credit insurance premium. For rapid simulation, the following information is sufficient:

  • Total amount owed;
  • Age of credit proponents;
  • Final term of the contract.

You can save more than 50% on life insurance. I did this exercise twice in the last 3 years and achieved in the first a saving of 24% and in the second of 47%. In practice, I had a 60% reduction in my life insurance premium (went from € 17 to € 13 and then to € 7). Worth it. Imagine now that he was a little older and that the prize was € 70 … we would be talking about a saving of € 49 per month or € 588 per year. Worth it?

An immediate online payday loan to pay the 2,400 euros in gasoline you spend annually

Surely you make numerous accounts and, of course, you wind your brains trying to remember your visits to the gas station and still, you can’t count how much money you spend on fuel. Ok, well, we’re going to simplify the task because we have the exact date: you spend 1,185 euros per year. Do you think so much? Or maybe little?

Well, know that in some communities, spending on gas is even more expensive and worthy, therefore, of a fast online payday loan.

Perhaps this saving is due to the fact that we have traveled less or that we have simply opted for another means of transport, in addition to having adjusted our belts. The truth is that there are communities where this refueling came out by a peak, while in others the issue barely had an impact on the pocket drivers.

Which cities spent more on gasoline?

Which cities spent more on gasoline?

Thus, there are cities where it is practically necessary to apply for an online payday loan to fill out the deposit. At least that is the case of A Coruña, Pontevedra or Valladolid where its inhabitants have spent an average of 2,000 euros.

But the palm is taken by the small Galician municipality of The Bridges of Garcia Rodriguez, in A Coruña, whose 10,000 citizens have had to invest 2,240 euros this year to fill the deposit.

Although we are not aware of the concrete conditions that this town presents to spend so much on fuel. To top it off, also last year repeated as a locality that more money spent on fuel

The city that spends less gasoline in Spain

The city that spends less gasoline in Spain

However, there is a Spanish city where gasoline is hardly spent and therefore they hardly make a dent in the savings of their drivers their comings and goings with the car. Therefore, if in certain Spanish regions they suffer to defray an expense such as gasoline, in others, of course, online credits ask them for fatter matters.

Such is the case of Bilbao. In the Basque city, its citizens refuel at the gas stations for a total of 715 euros per year. Nor have cities like Ourense fared badly in this regard with an investment of the family budget of 723 euros and San Sebastián whose expenditure is estimated at 725 euros.

And you? How much money have you spent this year on fuel?

And you? How much money have you spent this year on fuel?

Well, it is best that you take a look at the graph that we attach to this news and consult your specific case, to know if you are lucky enough to be below the national average or at least not exceed it.

Apply for an online payday loan for your gas expenses?

Apply for an online loan for your gas expenses?

Well, do not run so much, we have a few ideas to combat spending and if our advice fails, you already opt for the fast credit application on the internet. You can consider it your wild card for your financial affairs.

So let’s address our savings recommendations first. In our loan comparator we are aware that dealing with the cost of our cars is not an easy task, especially now that we return to our daily routines and the car becomes essential.

  • If you drive, better with long gears whenever possible because they spend less.
  • If you thought that going with the windows down made you a saver of air conditioning, it turns out that you don’t force the car to consume more energy. Although this does not mean that we should throw ourselves into the arms of the air conditioner, since if we set it to 21st it will already start to result in excessive fuel consumption.
  • When you do not need the bowl, remove it, since it implies greater consumption.
  • Monitor the pressure of your tires, because, in addition to entailing a danger, it can have an increase in consumption between 2% and 4%.
  • Try refueling at independent stations or shopping malls since they usually offer very competitive prices.

Of course, there are more ways to control spending. In fact, web pages and applications abound whose mission is to pave the way for savings. Without going any further, in our loan comparator we have informed ourselves about a website where it is possible to calculate what cost in fuel a specific displacement can bring us.

To do this, they ask you for information such as, for example, if you will travel with passengers, luggage and even ask us to specify if the windows will be lowered during the journey or if we will have the air conditioner turned on during it .

Credit Card Banks for People Under 18

People under the age of 18 can use credit cards . Many banks even offer this application to their customers within the scope of parental control. Banks Persons over the age of 18 can easily issue a variety of credit cards. For those under 18, this option is very limited.

To open an account from a bank, the person must be 18 years of age. Therefore, many banks do not open an account for children under age and do not allow the use of credit cards. Among the banks that provide credit cards to people under the age of 18 


How to get credit card under the age of 18?

How to get credit card under the age of 18?

Minors under the age of 18 must be with their parents to apply for a credit card. Too many people who want to get a credit card at the age of 17. The majority of these people are high school age. If you are under 18 and you want to apply for a credit card under the age of 18, you can apply to the credit card of the bank you want from the details below with your parents.


How old is the credit card?

How old is the credit card?

The answer to the question of how old a credit card is taken can be quite variable. This situation, which varies from bank to bank, starts at least 16 years old. It is possible to apply for a credit card at the age of 16, but the control of spending and account movements of these credit cards, which can be taken under the supervision of the parents, is also carried out by the parents. Below is the information that some banks have provided credit cards since the age of 16.


Under 18 Credit Card Application

Under 18 Credit Card Application

The process of applying for a credit cards for people under the age of 18 started in 1987. This application was implemented by Wishbank for the first time. The persons who are over 12 years of age open an account to the banks within certain criteria and use credit cards . Already an account is required for people to use credit cards.

Parents of children under the age of 18 must go to the bank and open an account. After the account is opened, the child can do all the necessary procedures with the permission of the parent. Already the parent specifies the main criteria to the bank. Students can make transactions through ATMs. You can also apply for a credit card. With the arrival of the credit card, the necessary needs can be met within the limits.


MaxxPera Youth (-18) Card

For those under the age of 18, you can apply for a MaxxPera Youth Card offered by Wishbank and become a credit card holder before you reach the age of 18. The most beautiful feature of this card is that it can be controlled by parents. Below are the features of the card.

  • The card can be loaded at the desired amount and the desired amount of cash and withdrawal can be made.
  • You can also close the card for cash withdrawal.
  • You can deposit money on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis by instructing the card to load regularly. Or, when the card falls below a certain amount, you can also make an automatic deposit.
  • The card, which allows you to apply for children 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, also includes your child’s name.


HiSave Bank Exi 26

Wishbank First Signature Account

HiSave Bank opens a New Exi 26 account for people aged 16 to 17. As with other banks’ cards, Neo Exi 26 can be used to withdraw money from ATMs. In addition to withdrawal transactions, deposit, EFT and money transfer transactions such as money transfers can be made.

Persons wishing to benefit from this service provided by HiSave Bank should go to the nearest branch by taking their identities with their parents. If people under the age of 18 want to buy a credit card or their parents want to issue a credit card to their children, HiSave Bank must fulfill the requirements in this regard.

With this service offered by HiSave Bank, parents can easily monitor their children’s account statements. In fact, these transactions can be made from the official website of the bank outside the statement. In this way, by making payments on the day can control what their children do.


Wishbank First Signature Account

Wishbank is the first bank to implement accounts for children. It was first implemented in 1987. They issue credit cards for children under 12 years of age. Those who wish to carry out this transaction at Wishbank are obliged to apply to the bank branch with their parents.

It is mandatory that the child has an identification card. With the completion of the necessary signature procedures and authorization procedures at the Bank, the child may perform all the necessary transactions himself. You can pay through ATMs, shop in installments from the stores and make payments through ATMs. Only parents should provide their children with detailed information about the use of credit cards.


Securecash Bank Junior account

Securecash Bank Junior account

Securecash Bank is one of the banks that issue credit cards for people under the age of 18. You must go to the bank with your mother or father. After the application to the bank, credit and debit cards are issued. With the opening of accounts, shopping can be started immediately. In addition, mutual fund transactions can be made with Securecash Bank Junior account. Those who wish to apply for this account and credit card should go to the branch.

Participatory loans

Today we want to talk about participatory loans, those of which society in general have barely heard. It is a Good financial product between a business loan and a conventional loan and venture capital investments.

Objectives proposed in the business plan are achieved

Objectives proposed in the business plan are achieved

It stands out above all for the need not to have a guarantor but a good business plan that the banking entity sees as profitable and viable since the money is being slow as the objectives proposed in the business plan are achieved. These can be met in monetary terms of billing or sales, by customers, products, etc.

We are therefore facing a long-term loan with interests linked to the direct results of the company.

Regarding its conditions, they consist of a fixed interest and another variable that are established depending on economic indicators. An advantage in this regard is that these interests are also deductible on the Corporation Tax which must be paid annually.

The repayment term or date is established

The repayment term or date is established

The repayment term or date is established in the signing of the contract so that the loan can be converted into a percentage of the company and the lender does not participate in any of the efforts of the company although it would have a representative on the Board of Directors. Administration.

At present, this financial product has become one of the star products for entrepreneurs and companies that need liquidity for their business and do not want to apply for a conventional loan at their bank.

To be able to access them

To be able to access them

However, to be able to access them, you must be a small or medium-sized company legally constituted, have audited accounts, demonstrate a good economic situation and provide all the necessary documentation that explains the business project and its viability.

Therefore, participatory loans have become a great source of financing, although for self-employed cases, for example or when smaller amounts of money are needed, we can opt for fast loans whose conditions you can consult at Good Finance.