An immediate online payday loan to pay the 2,400 euros in gasoline you spend annually

Surely you make numerous accounts and, of course, you wind your brains trying to remember your visits to the gas station and still, you can’t count how much money you spend on fuel. Ok, well, we’re going to simplify the task because we have the exact date: you spend 1,185 euros per year. Do you think so much? Or maybe little?

Well, know that in some communities, spending on gas is even more expensive and worthy, therefore, of a fast online payday loan.

Perhaps this saving is due to the fact that we have traveled less or that we have simply opted for another means of transport, in addition to having adjusted our belts. The truth is that there are communities where this refueling came out by a peak, while in others the issue barely had an impact on the pocket drivers.

Which cities spent more on gasoline?

Which cities spent more on gasoline?

Thus, there are cities where it is practically necessary to apply for an online payday loan to fill out the deposit. At least that is the case of A Coruña, Pontevedra or Valladolid where its inhabitants have spent an average of 2,000 euros.

But the palm is taken by the small Galician municipality of The Bridges of Garcia Rodriguez, in A Coruña, whose 10,000 citizens have had to invest 2,240 euros this year to fill the deposit.

Although we are not aware of the concrete conditions that this town presents to spend so much on fuel. To top it off, also last year repeated as a locality that more money spent on fuel

The city that spends less gasoline in Spain

The city that spends less gasoline in Spain

However, there is a Spanish city where gasoline is hardly spent and therefore they hardly make a dent in the savings of their drivers their comings and goings with the car. Therefore, if in certain Spanish regions they suffer to defray an expense such as gasoline, in others, of course, online credits ask them for fatter matters.

Such is the case of Bilbao. In the Basque city, its citizens refuel at the gas stations for a total of 715 euros per year. Nor have cities like Ourense fared badly in this regard with an investment of the family budget of 723 euros and San Sebastián whose expenditure is estimated at 725 euros.

And you? How much money have you spent this year on fuel?

And you? How much money have you spent this year on fuel?

Well, it is best that you take a look at the graph that we attach to this news and consult your specific case, to know if you are lucky enough to be below the national average or at least not exceed it.

Apply for an online payday loan for your gas expenses?

Apply for an online loan for your gas expenses?

Well, do not run so much, we have a few ideas to combat spending and if our advice fails, you already opt for the fast credit application on the internet. You can consider it your wild card for your financial affairs.

So let’s address our savings recommendations first. In our loan comparator we are aware that dealing with the cost of our cars is not an easy task, especially now that we return to our daily routines and the car becomes essential.

  • If you drive, better with long gears whenever possible because they spend less.
  • If you thought that going with the windows down made you a saver of air conditioning, it turns out that you don’t force the car to consume more energy. Although this does not mean that we should throw ourselves into the arms of the air conditioner, since if we set it to 21st it will already start to result in excessive fuel consumption.
  • When you do not need the bowl, remove it, since it implies greater consumption.
  • Monitor the pressure of your tires, because, in addition to entailing a danger, it can have an increase in consumption between 2% and 4%.
  • Try refueling at independent stations or shopping malls since they usually offer very competitive prices.

Of course, there are more ways to control spending. In fact, web pages and applications abound whose mission is to pave the way for savings. Without going any further, in our loan comparator we have informed ourselves about a website where it is possible to calculate what cost in fuel a specific displacement can bring us.

To do this, they ask you for information such as, for example, if you will travel with passengers, luggage and even ask us to specify if the windows will be lowered during the journey or if we will have the air conditioner turned on during it .

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